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Montana State Student Move In Date May Cause Road Rage

This Wednesday is “Student Move-in Day” at Montana State University so please be aware that there will be a traffic snarl, or two, and that some people not well versed in patience while driving, may feel a bit of “road rage”.

Incidents like road rage often come with being arrested, as do other serious vehicular crimes. There are other issues involved with traffic and a large one is that of Driving While Intoxicate (DWI or DUI). We ask that you please be responsible, but if you can’t, you know to call Central Montana Bail Bonds Bozeman.

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Why a Montana Bail Bond is Important

One of our bail bondsman was asked today why a Montana bail bond was important. At CMBBI, we believe in the bail process in Montana as it helps those charged with a criminal activity the ability to get their life in order and begin the legal process. Just imagine saving 90% of your bond and being able to give that lump sum to a lawyer to defend you. Seems worthwhile now, doesn’t it?

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