TIM WEBB WARRANT TK-2015-0006016

Tim Webb Warrant TK-2015-0006016 Issued 2/12/2016

Tim Webb original charges from Bozeman Montana include the following:

  • 61-11-213 Habitual Offender Operating Motor Vehicle
  • 61-8-401(1)(b)[i1st] Driving Under The Influence Of Any Drug (Narcotic, Etc.) 1st Offense
  • 3-10-401 Contempt – Justice
  • Bond Amount: $5,000


YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to arrest and bring the above-named defendant before this Court or to the nearest and most accessible Court to answer the following charge(s): The defendant failed to comply with the orders of the court in violation of 3-10-401;403, MCA, Contempt, Failure to Appear after posting bond.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://centralmontanabailbonds.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Timothy_Webb_Warrant_TK20150006016.pdf”]
See the CMBBI original Tim Webb wanted post and get more information about this wanted fugitive from Bozeman Montana. Central Montana Bail Bonds has also placed a sizable reward for information leading to Tim Webb’s arrest and capture. As a result of Tim Webb warrant, we urge you to please help us find this wanted fugitive!

3 thoughts on “TIM WEBB WARRANT TK-2015-0006016”

  1. LOL. You stupid bail bonds guys wont catch tim! he will turn himeslef in when he wants too. maybe i will call u when he is going to clear his warrant? prob not. i wish you luck tho in your search for tim! 🙂

  2. I think it’s time u turn yurself in tim. stop being such a babygirl and take care of yo bizness. they gonna catch up to you sooner or later. you cant hide forever. good luck gettin a real job where they gonna look up your name on the internet and see you on this website. that warrant gonna hang over yo head forever til u turn yourself in or get caught by the police. tim webb you are a criminal loser who needs to take care of your warrant!

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