Why a Montana Bail Bond is Important

One of our bail bondsman was asked today why a Montana bail bond was important. At CMBBI, we believe in the bail process in Montana as it helps those charged with a criminal activity the ability to get their life in order and begin the legal process. Just imagine saving 90% of your bond and being able to give that lump sum to a lawyer to defend you. Seems worthwhile now, doesn’t it?

One also has to understand this is our business and writing bonds is only business, nothing personal – we too have to report to our bosses, the surety company we’ve partnered with.

Montana Bail Bond Helps Families

CMBBI bail bonds agent also take pride in the fact we help everyone regardless of charges. In these great United States, people are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. But, running and skipping court doesn’t sit well with juries and especially the cosignor who we will look to for full payment because you couldn’t abide by the conditions of the bond or are afraid to face potential punishment.

Montana Bail Bond
Central Montana Bail Bond

When a person runs, there are a lot of people who are greatly affected. Some fugitives on the run either don’t care or don’t know that the people they affect are family and friends who supported them. These are also the people that helped them get out of jail. There are others they involve too and some who worry that when they’re caught, their caught hard.

You see, when someone is on the run and warrants are active, the game is taken to another level. People on the run are typically considered dangerous, and that poses a problem for law enforcement. Everyone from bounty hunters to family members need to be careful when dealing with fugitives. They are in it for themselves at this point and often, will do anything to stay ahead of the law.

The problem is that when family and friends are brought into a defendant’s attempt to evade justice, they too can be charged with aiding and abetting. As well, at any time of the day or night, law enforcement can be pounding on the door – and bounty hunters kicking it in. Keeping in contact with your bail bondsman is important when you have a Montana bail bond.

If you consider running, do yourself a favor and leave your family out of it. Also, please be sure to leave the entire bond amount with the bondsmen, because it’s our job to collect from whomever signed for you bond. Just know that your warrants last forever and you’ll forever be looking over your shoulder.

You wanted freedom, we paid the note to make it so. Now it’s your turn – come on home and man up…

If you have a warrant in Bozeman, Billings, Kalispell, Great Falls, Lewistown, Missoula or Helena; look to CMBBI to help you get the bond you need to clear your warrant. Call or speak with one of a Montana bail bondsman today.

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  1. I’ve been reading a bit about bail bonds Montana and thankfully found this article. While I approve of bail, I don’t think everyone should be allowed to be out on bail, like murderers and rapists. I hope to one day move to Missoula Montana and become a bail bondsman. Thanks for the article on bail bonds!

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