Are You A Wanted Fugitive?

Are you a wanted fugitive in Montana?

If you believe (or know) that you’re a wanted fugitive in Montana and that there there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it’s a good idea to use our free “Warrant Walk Through” system.

Have a warrant and are you a wanted person in Montana? If you have an active warrant just know that it has been entered into a statewide computer system that is also accessed by other states. It is probable that any contact you have with a law enforcement officer will result in your immediate arrest and incarceration.

Wanted People Eat Blacktop

If you have an open warrant, regardless of the charges; you will be removed from your vehicle at force or otherwise. Say for example you’re travelling with your family and you get pulled over? Realize your children are going to witness you being put to the ground and handcuffed. If there is no other driver of the vehicle, your car will be towed and your kids will wait for someone to pick them up from a local county jail.

The above scenario has happened to defendants we’ve bailed out. Don’t let this happen to you.

Persons with outstanding warrants may voluntarily turn themselves in at any county jail in Montana. If you don’t take initiative to get your warrant cleared, just know that law enforcement officers are working to execute active warrants. Your arrest may take place at a home (at any time of day or night), your place of work, or while driving with your family.

In addition to the normal cost of being arrested, you may also may incur fees for your vehicle if arrested at a traffic stop. These fees could include vehicle impound, towing and storage charges for your vehicle during your incarceration.

Montana Warrant Walk Through Service

Stop being paranoid and looking over your shoulder whenever you leave your house if you’re Montana’s most wanted fugitive. Get your warrant cleared by using one of our Central Montana Bail Bonds service. Call today to help you start with a clear record for the future. We have one of the fastest warrant walk through services to help you end life on the run as a wanted fugitive in Montana. Click the button below to visit our Warrant Walk Through Service:

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