Surety Bail Bonds

Central Montana Bail Bonds Specialists

Worried about your friend or family member in jail? Call one of our Central Montana Bail Bonds agent to effect immediate release from any jail in Montana. We post surety bail bonds in every city in Montana and we’re open 24/7 (more…)

Federal Bail Bonds

Federal and Immigration Bonds

Federal bail bonds and immigration bonds are available to most defendants. Federal bail bonds are a little trickier to maneuver, but we’ve been in the bail business for over 40 years and know what it takes to get the bond process completed. (more…)

Warrant Walk Through

Gets You Out of Jail Faster

Our “Warrant Walk Through” process is simple. If you have a warrant for your arrest, contact a CMBB bondsman (after you’ve contacted your attorney). We’ll meet you at the jail, your attorney’s office, a diner or even your mom’s house and begin the bail bonds process to get your information started so you can be released sooner than you expect. (more…)